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Angella Whitehead IMDT

Owner and Head Trainer

dogs have always been a massive part of my life.

I started on my training journey seven years ago when I launched my dog walking business 'Ashwell pet services'.

I wanted to know more about their behaviour, and so I trained initially with a local club as an instructor and then with the Institute of modern dog trainers, attending lots of courses and seminars-now I am a full member of the IMDT (the highest accolade they award). 

Every day I learn something new from dogs, and I love helping people achieve a fantastic relationship with their dogs!

my team

these are the most important members of my team-my dogs! 


Nanook is a 9 year old rescue Samoyed who came to me malnourished and matted at the age of 3-he's turned into an absolute dream of a dog! He is pretty laid back, but hates thunder, fireworks and squirrels!!  


Jasper is a 3 year old Portuguese water dog. he came to me as a rehome when he was 9 months old, mainly because he grew too big for his old owners! he has a great pedigree, but has been the hardest work!he has a fab temperament and is hilarious!


Scout is an 12 year old labradoodle, who came to us as a rescue at the age of 7. She still thinks she's 3, but is starting to show signs of slowing down. fab temperament, she keeps the boys in line and is very much loved by us.

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