Puppy Training

Puppy Drinking

are you Thinking of getting a puppy?
already got a puppy?
The first few weeks can feel exciting but also daunting and overwhelming.
You have come to the right place!

  • We specialise in training puppies and new owners.

  • We can help you with the whole process: from picking the right breed for you and your family to helping you build a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog.

  • My comprehensive packages cover everything you will need!

  • Each package includes 8 weeks of group puppy classes which are held at our training venue in Hinxworth, Herts on Saturday mornings.This set of eight classes covers all of the basics for your new puppy.

  • We will cover: How dogs learn, toilet training, chewing and biting as well as the tools you will need to bring up a Perfect Puppy!

    *For puppies age 12 weeks and over who have had their second jabs.